DEVICE BSS 2 - Both side slottings

Dispositivo BSS 2

  • DEVICE BSS 2 - Both side slottings

  • The new BSS2 device from Bizzozero Mica is the natural evolution of the BSS1 which used to allow transversal slitting on corrugated cardboard which are normally processed on slotters. This evolution, characterized by die supports with open sides, also allows to punch holes and handles in any place on the sheet. The device is also capable of diagonal cuts. This makes the device particularly apt to produce FEFCO 0409 and 0410 codes.

  • The BSS2, guided autonomously by its CNC program, does not require long set-up phases, doesn’t give up any of the other machines’ capabilities, but instead integrates them with the added ability to realize some FEFCO codes that would otherwise require completely different machines. Furthermore, the two head per side configuration allows for an extremely short distance between slits without any decrease in production capacity

    The structure of the device allows it to be adapted to most slotters available on the market, even outdated ones.

Dispositivo BSS 2

    - Minimum sheet size 660 x 300 mm
    - Maximum sheet size (same as the slotter) .. x 3600 mm
    - Sheet thickness from 2,5 mm to 8 mm
    - Precision ± 0,2 mm
    - Continuously variable feeding speed: from 30 to 140 mt / 1'
    - Tool positioning speed 1,2 mt / 1’
    - Maximum format set-up time 90 sec.
    - Minimum anvil distance 360 mm
    - Maximum anvil distance 660 mm

    - Die thickness 25,4 mm
    - Transport motor: asynchronous, 3 Kw.
    - Die sleeve motor, torque, momento nom 7 Nm
    - Die drum diametre 174 mm
    - Transmission with synchronous belts
    - Electric power input: 380 V / 50 Hz / 20 A
    - Pressurized air lines 50 nl/1'; 8 bar
    - Machine footprint (in operation)
    Lu x La x H: 0,66 x 4,5 x 2 m. ca.
    - Total weight: 2390 kg ca.

Protections and wiring comply with C.E.E. norms.