Slotter - Taglia - Cordona automatico
  • Transversal boxmaker to crease, slot, die-cut, slit and print corrugated carton for over 100 FEFCO codes.
    It’s a work station for producing small or large boxes and packaged of the largest sizes in a single pass at a low cost, starting from starting from a single sheet. Its operation is very economical for small or medium batches because of the minimal set up times and unmatched working speed.

  • It’s capable of performing: creasing and trimming along the direction of the sheet, allowing for the sheet to be split and worked as two sheets in parallel, and slitting, creasing and cutting along the transversal axis.

  • It can also crush the forward side and/or the tab (50mm maximum), perform a half cut (for cases with windows or pallet boxes), cutting of the tab, small die-cuts (handles, holes), and additional crushing, cutting or punching, always along the feeding direction.

  • The machine can be fitted with 2 small flexo-graphic printers, each measuring 300x500mm and an automatic MASTER FEED feeding system. It can work in line with 1 or 2 Mod. 2600 Variable Jumbo Flex printers. Positioning of the sheet at every processing step is automatic, as is the action of the tools, guided by the selected program, with a memory for repetitive orders and displaying the box format on a 14” colour screen.

  • The new CLEVER management system allows each slitting cycle to take less than half a second: that means over 700 boxes of FEFCO 0201 in under one hour!

  • The fast set-up through the memorization of box recipes, the easy location and immediate pneumatic lock of tools take anywhere from 1 to 4 minutes in total. The machine also has remote control and allows you to program the data. Setting an optional in-line patented CLEVER DIE CUTTER unit allows the production of any FEFCO code.

Slotter - Taglia - Cordona automatico

    - Minimum sheet size: 360 x 620 mm
    - Maximum sheet size: 2.810 x 10.000 mm
    - Sheet thickness: 2,5 mm to 16 mm
    - Precision: ± 1 mm
    - Continuously variable feeding speed
    from 0 to 180 mt / 1'
    - Cycling time (CLEVER slitter): 0,5 sec. approx.
    - minimum between 2 creasers: 30 mm / 0 mm on 2 shafts
    - minimum between 2 slitters: 50 mm
    - Slotting knife thickness (customer’s choice): 8 or 10 mm

Optionals may be added to the base model according to the intended use.