Patented By Engico Srl


  • PRINCIPAL CHARACTERISTICS that let to make more:

  • - This patented Clever Slotter unit changes rationally the old concept of the slots bound to the circumference of the slotting sleeves.
  • - Clever Slotter is equipped with 5 motorized parallel lines of tools each one by its brushless motor: two lines for slotting sleeves, one line for scoring sleeve, one line for the couple of pre creasing, one line for glue flap cutting and slitting knife.
  • - Clever Slotter lets to make slots more long than the theoretic development of the sleeves. The length of the slots can arrive at 1100 mm both on the anterior and posterior side of the sheet.
  • - The slots of any length are made always without changing the slotting knives mounted on the sleeves.
  • - The profile of the slotting tools are self- sharpening
  • - The thickness of the corrugated carton can vary from 2,5 to 13 mm.
  • - The thick of the slotting knives is 10 mm. At option 8 mm.
  • - The cutting flap can be coupled in line together any slotting tool put at left.
  • - The revolving knife tooll can work also at the centre of the machine.
  • - All the axes are mobile and are set by computer in relation to thickness of the corrugated carton sheet
  • - The opposite slotting and scoring sleeves are at the lower part.
  • - The motion is made by synchronous belts and outlined pulleys.
  • - The position of the tool elements is totally driven by C.N.C and is controlled by robotic head with toothed belt and run on linear guides.
  • - The structure on bearing beams let a minimum distance between the slotting knives and scorers of 32 mm when the next late must be at least 180 mm
  • - The Clever Slotter is able to produce 32 FEFCO codes boxes when in line with BSS2.
  • - It is possible to memorize in less than 60 sec the data of any box type. The Set-Up of the memorized box is made in few sec.
  • - The minimum wide size of one panel is 32 mm and the minimum wide size of two contiguous panels is 212 mm. The minimum height of the sheet is 270 mm and the maximum height of the sheet is 3000 mm and more. The minimum size of the sheet 440X270 mm.

  • The Clever Slotter is made on demand from 2500 to 5500 mm wide. The Clever Slotter, made for BIZZOZERO lines from 2500 to 3300, can be also put in line with all types of Flexo Printer Slotter or Casemaker of any width, new or already in production making it more profitable and more automatic in order to reduce the time of set-up.