Mod. 2002 Stitcher With pendular head
Cucitrice con testa oscillante

  • Mod. 2002 Stitcher with pendular head

  • The Mod. 2002 semiautomatic and automatic stitchers have an oscillating head that delivers 1000 stitches per minute in its automatic form and 700 in its semiautomatic version. It can also fit a gluing head. Any shape and size of boxes can be stitched, glued or both.

    This machine is composed of the main working body, the feeding system and a stacker that also counts the sheets.
    The feeder has a countertop made of rollers to stack sheets up to 3500x1030mm and has a vertical travel of 1083mm and always keeps the sheets at the optimal height.
    The CNC programming allows to customize the stitching and/or gluing cycle, adjusting distance between stitches, number of stitches, start and end of gluing, speed, all through a user friendly LCD screen.

  • Cucitrice con testa oscillante
  • Specifications

    - Stitches speed 700/1’
    - Stitch width mm 14
    - Max. stitching thickness mm 16
    - Head tilt 45°
    - Minimum distance between stitches mm 20

    - Maximum distance between stitches (continuous cycle) mm 80
    - Minimum distance between stitches (alternated cycle) mm 150
    - Usable sheet width: 2000, 2200 or 2400mm