Stitching machine Mod XA32-B1600/2450 Bizzozero
    New stitching machine for high thickness corrugated carton, till to 16 mm, in order to produce also big packages

  • This new stitching machine model XA32 has an arm structure and a wide working table in order to treat also sheets of considerable sizes with a minimum effort of the user.
    A type of the same stitching machine is produced with the working table made by two parts and a free arm of mm 800 length in order to produce also the boxes tube.

  • The maximum length of the stitch legs goes till to 32 mm in order to stitch any thickness by a very hard stitching head.
    One lateral square support the correct alignment of stitching.
    The head doesn't need maintenance and produce a low noi.
    The stitcher is available in four different versions - 1600 mm., 1800 mm., 2100 mm- 2450 mm. according to the working width desired.
    Can be agreed a reduction of the table.

    Speed of the head n° stitches / min.: 235
    Thickness of stapling: from 5 to 28 mm
    Width of staple: 16 mm
    Type of wire (for all versions): from mm 2,30x0,90 to -2,50X0,80 and to 2,50x0,50
    Slanting of the stitch: 45°
    Minimum N. of stitches: 1 - Maximum N. of stitches: numberless