Jumbo Print Variable prints corrugated carton sheets from 360X620mm to 2750X9990 mm. sizes and from 2,5mm to 16mm thick. It lets exceptional performances impossible by any other printer.

  • The stereo shaft works with four theoretical zero points in order to print in according to a program 4 different monochromatic stereos in one go and can also repeat by the same stereo the printings in different positions of the sheet.
  • The Jumbo Print Variable can print also at full ground and by one piece stereo till size 2600 x 2400 mm and can repeat it on all the length of the sheet.
  • INK SYSTEM: by anilox and rubber rolls; anilox roll type 200 screen per square inches; Anilox and rubber rolls have shafts with bayonet system for faster change.
  • The Jumbo Print Variable can print:
    - The most variable shapes of corrugated sheets in one go
    - Can print folded cases and other big sizes packages made by one piece;
    - Small and medium quantities of boxes thanks to short set-up time and high output
    - La macchina è gestita da pannello operatore Touch Screen di ultima generazione con sistema di rete eternet e softer operativo integrato nei driver.
  • The machine is driven by a last generation Touch Screen panel with system of eternet and softer integrated in the driver.

  • The Jumbo Print Variable can print automatically and the corrugated sheets can be fed in by hand to the side guide or can be fed automatically by MASTERFEEDER Bizzozero
    The Jumbo Print Variable needs of an easy maintenance, does need of lubrication and is supplied with remote control by teleservice.
    The operator can program the CNC equipped with memory capacity to repeat-the orders and with graphic visual of the sheet on LCD graphic display.

    The Jumbo Print Variable can be put in line with the Boxmaster or similar Boxmakers. In this case it is necessary a motorized transfer long at least as the max length of the sheet to work (Standard mm 6000).
    The corrugated sheet is driven electronically automatically at each working station where the relative stereo is activated by the program.
    The operator can program the CNC equipped with memory capacity in order to repeat the orders; colour video 10" screen.