Knighted by the Kingdom of Italy, Achille Bizzozero started production of metallic wire stitchers for bookbinding and cardboard in Milan in 1939. He then expanded the range of products to focus on corrugated cardboard packaging.

In 1984 the company was acquired by its own technicians, who updated the production and the technology to meet the demands of the market.This led to the necessity to move the company to new headquarters on a 5000 square metre property in Usmate Velate (MB).

In over 80 years of its work, Bizzozero designed and produced scores of models and to this day there are around 3000 machines still in operation and regularly serviced by our staff.

The technicians at Bizzozero, who manage the company since almost 40 years, maintain high standards among the staff and develop innovative and high-tech machines. CLEVER MACHINES TO OUTPERFORM THE COMPETITION.