Knight Achille Bizzozero has start at Milan in 1939 the manufacture of wire stitchers foe paper binding an for carton boxes. He has after amplified the range of the manufactured machines to all the corrugated carton packing industry.

The Engineers of the same Bizzozero has bought the Bizzozero factory in 1984 and have carried on the firm and keep abreast of the technology of one’s age by the manufacture of new machines. The rapid commercial success has obliged Bizzozero to transfer the factory to a new buildings of SM 5000 in Usmate Velate that he owns and produce his machine in the sphere of Milan.

Bizzozero has projected and produced In more than 70 years of workings some tens of machines and wire stitchers types for paper binding and for corrugated carton converting, About 3000 machines and wire stitchers manufactured by Bizzozero now are working in the world and Bizzozero satisfy any demand of spare parts and technical datum : it is the testimony of the first rate technology of Bizzozero and of the efficient assistance for the long lasting of the machines.

The Bizzozero Engineers that since 30 years manages the Company keep high the technical skill of the Bizzozero Staff and project and manufacture new machines at high technology that are proposed at the market by the trade mark “CLEVER” or “CLEVER MACHINES THAT MAKE MORE THAN OTHER MACHINES”.